Bugra 1914

Poster by Walter Tiemann, Bugra
Bugra poster by Walter Tiemann, 1914
German National Library, German Museum of Books and Writing

Bu­gra 1914

The International Exhibition for the Book Trade and Graphic Design (Internationale Ausstellung für Buchgewerbe und Graphik in Leipzig, Bugra), which opened in May 1914, created a special section in October, displaying book-related and graphic products that emerged from the war: books, pamphlets, posters, special editions, illustrated sheets, placards, maps of battlegrounds, drawings, soldiers’ letters, etc.

In addition, the uniforms of German and enemy troops, weapons, ammunition and other war trophies such as shrapnel, a Cossack flag or dum-dum shells were also exhibited, and were greeted with great interest by visitors.

As a contemporary reported, the interest of the visitors was so great that admission on some days could be allowed only “in groups”. They were obviously grateful to have the opportunity to get an insight into the horrors and dangers of the war to which their loved ones in the field were exposed.

The exhibition, which ran from 4 to 18 October 1914, is generally considered to be the first German war exhibition. After the conclusion of the Bugra the German Museum of Books and Writing, led by Albert Schramm took in parts of the exhibition, which was reopened in November 1914 on the premises of the Buchgewerbehaus (Book Trade