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  • Drawing: Jentzsch, Zum Totenfest

    Der wahre Jakob

    At the outbreak of the war the SPD was confronted with the question as to which stance the party should take towards the course of the Reich government. Ultimately, on 4 August, the Social Democratic parliamentary party voted unanimously in favour of war loans and thus joined the ranks of the advocates of the war, who believed in an enforced war of defence against attackers from the East and West.
  • Cover: Erich Kuttner, Von dort marschierten sie

    Erich Kuttner: From There They Marched...

    In 1915 the social democratic journalist and legal scientist Erich Kuttner, who was born in 1887, volunteered for military service and spent his first weeks as a soldier building defences at the Western Front.
  • Certificate: Honorary doctorate for Sven von Hedin

    Honorary Doctorate for Sven Hedin

    Amico Germaniae Fidelissimo
    Sven Anders Hedin (1865-1952) was a Swedish geographer and writer. His voyages of discovery made him a world-famous expert on Asia. All his life he felt especially attracted to Germany, which he got to know during his studies in Berlin and Halle/S. 
  • Illustration: John Bull Nimmersatt, picture book

    John Bull the Glutton, and what happened to him

    A propaganda picture book
    In 1916 the book illustrator and caricaturist Arpad Schmidhammer (1857–1921) published the book John Bull Nimmersatt und wie es ihm ergangen hat in the series “Scholz’ Artist Picture Books. The caricature John Bull presents England as a gluttonous and greedy enemy who is ultimately defeated by the “German Michel”.
  • Recruitment poster for the Lützow Free Corps by Leo Impekoven, 1919

    Lützow Free Corps

    The poster by the artist and stage designer Leo Impekoven (1873-1943) appealed to the collective memory of the Germans: it combined publicity for the Lützow Free Corps, founded in January 1919, with pictorial and linguistic references to the Free Corps from Lützow which fought in the liberation wars of 1813/1814.
  • Title page: Newspaper of the 10th Army, number 55

    Newspaper of the 10th Army

    An army newspaper from the Eastern Front
    The commander of the 10th Army, Colonel-General Hermann von Eichhorn (1848-1918), order the founding of the newspaper. The first issue was published on 9 December 1915 in Vilnius, under the editorship of Lieutenant Urbach.
  • Page: Poem by Oskar Kanehl: To Karl Liebknecht, ca. 1920.

    Oskar Kanehl: To Wilhelm Liebknecht

    Oskar Kanehl (1888-1929) was an Expressionist and Communist poet and publisher even before the First World War. As a lieutenant on the front he distributed poems and leaflets critical of the war.
  • Shellac record: Paul König

    Paul König - Shellac record

    Captain of the first trading submarine in the world
    In 1916 Paul König was given command of the trading submarine Deutschland. The mission of this underwater cargo ship was to transport goods to America while circumventing the British naval blockade.
  • Machine-typed: Lissauer, Song of Hatred

    Song of Hatred against England

    Ernst Lissauer initially published the Haßgesang [Song of Hatred] in August 1914 in the Dammeck’schen Korrespondenz. Sometime later the poem was disseminated along with two others on the flyer Worte in die Zeit. Flugblätter 1914 von Ernst Lissauer […] Erstes Blatt, so that the reception of the work grew dramatically because of the reproduction. 
  • War Press Office, Briefe aus Deutschland

    The German domestic situation as an object of Allied propaganda

    Briefe aus Deutschland
    By 1916 at the latest the naval blockade by Great Britain and domestic political errors in the distribution of food and other essential goods had a drastic effect on the life of the German population. Food was rationed or simply unavailable, and the lack of coal deliveries left many households freezing during the winter.